2021 here we come!

At Sequal our purpose is to challenge, transform and give more to the future through wood. We are committed to giving more; to our people, to our customers and to the future – it’s a promise we want to live and breathe every day.

With this the front and centre, we all came together this week for our Safe Startup Day to kick off the new year and share our goals and focus for 2021. We talked about what giving more means to us, we explored some of the ways that we can grow by giving, the behaviours we want to role model for the year ahead and a few exciting things on the horizon. It was awesome to come together with a fresh perspective after most had enjoyed a well-deserved summer break at the end of a crazy year.

Special mention to the legends in our maintenance team who toiled away whilst many of us were still on holiday to ensure the plant was in tip-top shape for the start of the new year.

Bring on 2021!