Giving more to the future: Restoring our native flora

We believe we have an obligation to give more to the future. An important piece of this puzzle for us is working to find ways that we can protect our natural environment so that future generations can make the most of it – we’re pretty lucky to be able to enjoy it ourselves!

In partnership with local landowners Wetini Trust, one of the ways we’re working to do this is by planting natives promoting flora and fauna to thrive as we fulfil an obligation to restore the land surrounding our site.

Recently, following a blessing of the planting site by local kaumātua, the Tane Mahuta planting team got to work planting 15,000 native trees and plants – an arduous task but a very rewarding one.

Special mention to the Wetini whanau for working with us on this project and making it a reality. We recognise that there are always ways in which we can improve but every little bit counts! We are looking forward to seeing the growth in coming years and the beauty and birdlife that it re-establishes in the area.