Our young people are our future… so how can we can help make their dreams a reality?

Great opportunities don’t come around very often, but when they do we want to encourage and support our rangatahi to snap them up and take full advantage of them. Our young people are our future… so why not play our part in helping them achieve their dreams?

It’s so hard to know at such a young age which direction to head when you’re deciding on a career path but we’re keen to support youth with a willingness to expand their horizons so have teamed up with our friends at Tarawera Highschool to establish a Mentorship Programme.

Our pilot student for the project is Pearl – an awesome Year 10 student with oodles of ambition and drive who has teamed up with our own Tech Team star Lizzy Kulasingham . Pearl’s favourite subject at school is Maths which opens up some epic opportunities and plenty of different paths she could choose to go down for her future – should she choose to pursue it.

To put it simply, Lizzy said she was looking forward to supporting Pearl in any way necessary; whether simply encouraging her and giving her advice on school in the now, or helping with planning for her future beyond school. Right now the world is her oyster and the most important thing right now is what she is aware of all of her possibilities so she can make future choices based not only on what she is interested in, but also what is available to her!

We’re looking forward to hearing about where it is Pearl wants to go, what she wants to do and seeing if there’s things we can do, no matter how small, to help her get there! Kudos to Maxine and the team at Tarawera Highschool for their day-in day-out efforts helping turn student dreams into reality – with this support and guidance, they’re the real MVP’s!