The fastest, cleanest and most economic lumber solution… from over 9,000km away. How can this be?

At more than 9,000km from its main markets Sequal Lumber occupies what is probably the most enviable lumber mill location in the world.

It places Sequal Lumber beside the Kaingaroa forest, the largest FSC forest in the Southern Hemisphere. This provides Sequal with ready access to a large, growing and truly sustainable log source.

It places Sequal Lumber on top of Mt Putauaki’s geothermal field from which Sequal draws the steam to kiln dry its lumber. This is a truly clean and renewable kiln drying solution.

It also places Sequal Lumber within 100Km of the Port of Tauranga, giving it weekly shipping options to all of Asia’s key lumber markets. Sequal can land lumber at a port near you each week, every week of the year.

In addition to these factors, Sequal Lumber custom cuts every packet of lumber, to order. This ensures its customers are getting lumber sizes optimised for their production process and are not paying for too much wood to be shipped across the globe only to turned into sawdust.

So even from over 9,000km away Sequal Lumber is the fastest, cleanest and most economic lumber solution for quality focused Asian wood manufacturers. LET US PROVE IT TO YOU!