New Sequal Logo: What do the three bars mean?

It’s about time we shared with you the meaning behind our new logo. We promised we would and we’re all about keeping our promises so here goes…

About 18 months ago, after 5 years of growth, we felt it was time to reset and think about the foundations of who we are as a business, so we started a journey to rethink the key messages our company wants to represent.Like most things at Sequal, we have approached this a bit differently, taking our time and starting from the inside, so we radiate out.

We freshly articulated our purpose, restated our values in a way our team can relate and establish a brand that reflects who we are and what we believe.  Every step of the way we ensured that everything we were doing was authentic to us and our people. We wanted to create a brand that genuinely reflected our values and beliefs – something that we could live and breathe every single day.

So… onto the new logo… What do the three bars mean?

The new Sequal logo is made up of three horizontal bars. The three of them together represent the numerical sign of equivalence and our belief that whilst we are not all equal (there will never be anyone else anywhere in the world that will have your exact fingerprint), we should be respected as equivalents.  We believe everyone has an embedded purpose, and although everyone’s purpose may be different, we can all achieve more when individuals help each other to achieve that purpose. It reflects our view that we were all designed to co-exist, and as a team we exist together to achieve our purpose to challenge, transform and give more to the future through wood.

Which leads us onto the variation of the three bar symbol with arrows… This symbol represents the Māori principle of whakapapa. The arrows and lines from top to bottom represent the past, the present and the future and our belief that the present has an inherent obligation to honour the past (and those who have gone before us) and give more to the future.

The three bars also symbolise our three pillars of ‘Give More’ but we’ll tell you more about what Giving More means to us next.