How to make more environmentally friendly products and more money using New Zealand Radiata Pine

Those that can produce sustainable products will have the advantage in today’s economy. In this article you will discover four keys to unlocking that advantage and make more money along the way.


Over 1.7 million hectares or 99% of New Zealand’s total forest production is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. FSC is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management. FSC forests and lumber sourced from these forests are subject to strict FSC rules and audits. This means that New Zealand mills can provide Chinese manufacturers significant volumes of quality sustainable lumber. Products made from this lumber can also be FSC certified


Comprehensive tests undertaken at Forest research, Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education in England, and University of California, Berkeley (USA) have shown that radiata has machining properties (cross-cutting, turning, planing, molding, boring, sanding) equal or superior to many of the internationally traded softwoods. Consisting mainly of creamy white sapwood, with prominent fine resin canals, it presents a uniform appearance with little color variation between pieces. The full range of interior and exterior stains, oils, varnishes and paints can be used and the wood can be stained to resemble a wide range of lumber species. These factors contribute to New Zealand radiata pine being the lumber of choice for furniture manufacturers around the world.


Few lumber mills specialise in supplying feedstock that is customized for furniture manufacturers. As a result, manufacturers have become accustomed to having reduced recovery and sub optimal manufacturing processes. Sequal Lumber is changing this. Sequal’s sole focus is to provide the exact sizes its customers need, and its process ensures dimensions are accurate. This means manufacturers can reduce the cost of their feedstock and their manufacturing waste in order to optimize profitability.


New Zealand also has weekly shipping from their major ports, and Sequal Lumber offers a lead-time of only 6 weeks from order to delivery to factory floor. This means that with planning, manufacturers can significantly reduce their cash tied up in inventory. Sequal further assists this with an inventory management app (Android based) that is offered free to any of its customers. Working to just in time requires trust and confidence and Sequal offers this through an entire business model is dedicated and specialized in this level of service.

Is this a New Sustainable Feedstock For China?

With over 1.7 million hectares of FSC farmed forestry in New Zealand the volume is there to meet strong Chinese demand. This is important, as China needs a sustainable growth option, which is currently not being offered.

Sequal Lumber is also growing rapidly to meet the requirements of its manufacturers. The fact that Sequal cut to order and deliver direct, weekly if desired, has clear profitability and performance advantages for manufacturers. Sequal also values consistency and long-term relationships so it’s choosing to grow the market sustainably by partnering with manufacturers who desire the same. For more information please contact Sequal Lumber: