The importance of people and partnerships

It was a pleasure to welcome the China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association (CTWPDA) Delegation onsite as part of their trip to New Zealand and Australia.

As you probably know already, we have a pretty staunch view on partnerships. We believe that you grow by giving, not taking and it is with this belief that we go about meeting new people and building relationships. We know how valuable people are to our business and we are passionate about working together to grow and nurture relationships with them; whether it be our team, our customers, our suppliers, or those in our communities.

For our team, giving more is a daily challenge; a constant reminder that we must keep raising the target and never stop moving forward. With that said, it was an honour for us to share with our new friends a little bit about what we do and what makes us tick, whilst gaining a better understanding of their needs and challenging ourselves on how we can be giving more every day.