New Kilns good news for western consumers

Sequal Lumber’s new kilns significantly increases the volume of custom cut kiln dried lumber Sequal can supply the market.

According to Sequal Lumber this is good news for manufacturers and western consumers of wooden products.

Mike Edwards, Sequal Lumber’s Marketing Manager explains:

“Many of the wooden products in western department stores here in NZ, Australia and in America, are made by selected manufacturers in Asia. Sequal has been chosen as a key supplier for a number of these manufacturers and is aiming to grow its penetration into this market. Our custom cutting offering is fairly unique, especially when you add in the fact that both our lumber and steam come from renewable sources.”

Both kilns are heated with geothermal steam, a renewable source of energy. This is quite unique as most kilns are powered using the sawdust waste created during lumber milling. By using geothermal steam instead it frees up the sawdust to be used in other renewable products such as wood pellets.

Sequal have installed two new Windsor kilns which are capable of drying a combined 2,000M3 per month. Adding to Sequal’s existing capacity which it currently outsources. Sequal aims to install a further two kilns later this year to support its growing customer base.

Sequal Lumber hold a unique position in the global lumber market. There is is limited number of custom cutting mills across the globe, even fewer cutting FSC radiata pine, and possibly only Sequal Lumber that is also using a truly renewable energy source to heat it’s kilns.