Radiata Pine – A Versatile Timber

New Zealand’s radiata pine is one of the world’s most versatile softwoods – an ideal material for a wide range of commercial applications. The timber’s status as a good quality, multi-application resource has been endorsed by a comparison with 13 North American timbers. All have similar characteristics and uses.

A comprehensive series of tests evaluated the timbers in terms of their machining and related mechanical properties. Radiata pine achieved first place with an overall score of 70% – against an average score of 59%.

Radiata pine is widely used for packaging, temporary construction and furniture and the comparative study highlights why.

The study was undertaken by the New Zealand Forest Research Institute in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley. An extensive series of tests formed the basis for the comparison.The tests were specifically selected to access the timbers’ suitability for panelling, mouldings, joinery and furniture manufacture and included evaluations in planing, shaping, turning, sanding and gluing.