Radiata Pine – The Super Softwood

New Zealand radiata is recognised as a ‘super softwood’

one of the most attractive and versatile industrial wood species available in global markets. It performs consistently well across a wider range of commercial applications than almost any other species.

Independant scientific studies prove that New Zealand radiata performs better than most of the world’s widely available renewable softwoods – and many hardwoods.

Radiata pine outperforms major competing timbers from North America, Europe and the tropics. In a Forest research comparison of machining and mechanical properties with 13 similar North American species, it finished a clear winner, with an overall score of 70% against an average score of 59%.

It also performs well when matched against many higher-priced tropical species, including ramin, nyotah, white seraya, jeltong, rubberwood and tusam. Overall difference are so small that radiata pine could easily replace any of them.

The machining qualities of radiata pine have also been matched against a range of widely available renewable softwoods in britain and Europe, and it emerged second only to parana pine.

Contrary to some opinion, fast growth does not adversly affect the machining properties of radiata pine. Good results can be obtained with all types of hand and machine tools.

It performs consistently well across a wider range of commercial applications than almost any other species – including all of the following categories:


favoured for windows, doors, frames and jambs, mouldings, stairs, cabinetry and bench tops. Solid-clear, fingerjointed and laminated product options are available.

Exellent technical properties, finishes easily in natural or enhanced colours and adaptable to most furniture styles. Demand for partiality and fully processed components includes: blanks, edge-glued panels, clear and fingerjointed cutstock for further remanufacture: mouldings, stair parts, door and window parts and furniture components.


Strength, stiffness and good working properties make radiata pine sawn timber a popular choice for pallets, packaging and cable drums.


  • Medium density (500kg/m3 @ 12% mc)
  • Doesn’t split
  • Good to cut
  • Easy to treat
  • Easy to nail
  • Strength & stiffness
  • Appearance
  • FSC certified