Log Infeed Upgrade prepares the way for growth

This summer Sequal Lumber will undertake a significant machinery upgrade designed to prepare the way for a period of rapid growth.

Sequal’s strategy is to become the market-leading supplier of customized lumber. To achieve this, the company will no doubt face many market related challenges. However the company believes their unique selling proposition, of giving the customer the sizes they need to be most profitable, represents a market far beyond their current scale.

To capture this opportunity Sequal are making strategic investments into plant and machinery that enable it to run much faster and more efficiently.

The project will deliver on three objectives;

  1. Improved log gap optimization
  2. Improved flow through a totally automated infeed and main saw line
  3. Improved recovery, with the addition of 3D scanning, prepositioning and autorotation.

The multimillion-dollar project will take place over the Christmas break, with Sequal planning to be up and running again mid January 2016. Sequal would like to thank their chosen project partners in this development; Linck (Germany), Tui Technology (Rotorua) and Mainstream Engineering (Kawerau).

Earlier this year Sequal installed its first kilns. The geothermal powered Windsor kilns have allowed the company to grow its product range and open up new markets.

Sequal were also recently awarded an International Growth Fund from NZTE to develop the China market, and are investing heavily in growing all of their key markets across Asia and the Middle East.

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