Our Guarantee – If we don’t deliver the size you order we will cut the price or cut it again

Find out more about why this promise is unique and why it’s critically important to manufacturers across the globe.

At Sequal Lumber we custom cut, to order.

It’s a unique approach to lumber supply, which integrates with our prime mill location and logistical expertise to enable us to do a number of very special, customer focused things:

  1. We can supply the best size lumber to optimize customers’ processes.
  2. We will cut our customers lumber to order, so it’s fresh
  3. We will ship and land the lumber to an agreed supply program, even weekly

We can also support these features with pay as you go finance structures.

Which means when we partner together we can fundamentally change the lumber supply chain. Giving the customer what they really need, when they need it, freeing up capital to invest and grow.

At the heart of this is an uncommon approach to business – custom cutting.

However one of the risks of custom cutting, from a manufacturers point of view, is what if Sequal’s cutting is not accurate? Because if it isn’t accurate then the customer would be better off buying standard sizes that give them room to trim off the extra waste.

But if we are accurate…well then the manufacturer can order smaller sizes and save significantly. In-fact when a customer orders a custom size from us, on average this requires 10% less wood then the nearest standard size in the market.

That represents 10% less money.

So, to give customers the confidence to make the change and enjoy that saving we guarantee our cutting accuracy.

And we can, with confidence, because of our precision Linck cutting equipment and our quality supply processes.

So if you are reading this and you are a manufacturer. Then we want you to know you can have the confidence in us to make the change to a custom cut lumber supply.

You can trust our systems and our business, because we guarantee it.

So please contact us if you would like to find out more. We’d love to hear from you.