We Never Quit.

Nothing great ever came easy – winning takes effort and perseverance. At Sequal, we see every challenge as an opportunity – even when things get hard, we persevere.

We’ve all been challenged by global supply chain issues. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do which got us thinking what if…


We are stoked to have set sail our very first chartered breakbulk ship.  We could not have done this without the support of trusted companies that were willing to pull out all the stops to help us make this happen.

It took our customers trusting we could deliver on our promise of such a large delivery. This set the foundation with Pacific Basin to provide us the ship, ISO and C3 for the marshalling and stevedoring, Port of Tauranga allocating the wharf space, KnS providing the endless flow of truck deliveries, our log suppliers for keeping the mill fed and finally our staff who boldly pushed though new learnings and obstacles.

Together we got there because at Sequal, we never quit.