Our friends at the Foodbank are making magic again…

A big part of giving more to the future for us is contributing as much as we can to the communities in which we live. We had our final Give More Day of 2019 last week helping organise food parcels for the Kawerau KMA Food Bank drive – and we were again excited to be a part of it!

We introduced Give More days at Sequal for two distinct reasons:

  1. To give the wider team a chance to go out and ‘muck-in’ in the community, and
  2. To help us better understand the challenges our team face on a daily basis

…so this time round whilst we spent some time understanding some of the challenges being faced at the thin board line, the team were helping pack boxes of food at the Food Bank.

The Kawerau KMA Foodbank is an initiative set up and delivered by volunteers as a ‘hands up’ not a ‘hand out’ to provide support in the way of food parcels for those in need/going through difficult times. They collect donations of non-perishable food to help support families during the year.

Shout out to Sharon Heke and the Kawerau KMA Foodbank for the incredible work they do to contribute to and support our community year in and year out! We are stoked to be able to help out in even the smallest of ways – and the community is extremely fortunate to have people like you!